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Avent Breastfeeding essentials care set

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Avent Breastfeeding essentials care set
  • Breast and Thermogel pads plus Bra Clip
3-9 business days

12x day-time breast pads

To keep you dry and comfortable during the day.

12x day-time breast pads

6x night-time breast pads

Specially designed for extra absorbtion and comfort through the night.

2x thermogel pads for dual use

Warm use to stimulate breast milk flow - Cold use for soothing and relief - Comes with extra soft sleeves for added comfort

1x bra clip

To help you remember which side to feed from

1x washable pouch

Developed with breastfeeding expert

Developed with midwife and baby adviser Vicky Scott who has been supporting mums with breastfeeding for 15 years.

Developed with breastfeeding expert
Country of origin
China Yes
What is included
Disposable day breast pads 12
Disposable night breast pads 6
2-in-1 Thermopad 2
Bra clip 1
Washable pouch 1
Dimensions & weight
Dimensions 226x150x70
Breast care Day
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